Rebuild Damaged Schools by Disaster in Indonesia

On Thursday, (01/14) and Friday (01/15) at 01:28 AM, a 6.2 M earthquake jolted Majene and its surrounding areas. The last earthquake that occurred was measured with the epicenter located at 6 km northeast of Majene, West Sulawesi. The earthquake was also felt in Palu, Central Sulawesi and Makassar, South Sulawesi. As a result, 29 Districts were affected. 91 people reportedly died, 2,118 people were injured. 77,562 affected people were forced to flee in several evacuation posts spread over 12 points.

Houses and public facilities were destroyed, including educational facilities.

One of our teams in the field found Musholla Darussalam Simboro, Mamuju. The building is now completely destroyed and cannot be used for Quran teaching activities.


Haji Jaelani, the owner of this TPA, comes from Pasuruan, East Java, and transmigrated to Sulawesi. Build a landfill from the land he bought from his own capital. He hopes that this TPA can become a means for the surrounding community to study the Quran and religious activities. But unluckily, this 6.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed the building that had its sincere intentions and aspirations to establish a diniyah school. She couldn't bear to cry when she recounted the events of that early morning. Now he can only hope that this TPA can be used again to teach children the Quran.


Several other schools were also seen to be damaged. Several class ceilings collapsed at MTs Amaliah Guppi, Mamuju. The wall of the room looks collapsed, no longer standing upright. Two classrooms were completely damaged and the toilets were severely damaged. Currently the students are learning from home, but when they have to go back to school, it is impossible for them to continue studying in this damaged school.


Help rebuild learning facilities in Majene and Mamuju, which were affected by the earthquake, so that our fellow affected victims can get back to achieving their dreams.


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