School for Children of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Jeddah


Numerous children of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia cannot access affordable schools. This is because the public school in Jeddah costs a high fee for migrant workers. This situation is worsened by the low ability of migrant workers' children to speak in foreign languages, especially Arabic, as well as their understanding in Islamic studies.







Elly Warti Maliki is a Doctorate from Al-Azhar, Fiqh expert and an activist, who are striving to build a school for Indonesian children in Saudi Arabia. Elly, a woman who founded the school in 1992, she has concerns in this education issues, especially in Islamic values for the children which is affordable for migrant workers.

Indonesian Islamic International School in Jeddah (IIISJ) has been educating hundreds of migrant workers' children that mostly come from low-income families. This school is the only hope for Indonesian migrant workers to provide the education for their children.


All turmoil stumbled upon Elly and all members of the school from its difficulty to register and get permission to build a school. They faced a very demanding requirement to be fulfilled such as financial readiness of the institution to build a school, a standardized school building which demanded a high budget for such a specific criteria, and all issues of illegal workers.


But Elly and all members of the school face it together and work together to keep the school existing. They fight for the rights of children to get affordable and high-quality education for all.


Last year when the first pandemic hit, Elly and the others had to face another challenge. They couldn't afford to pay the rent fee of the school. As difficult as the parents of the students managed to hold onto their job. The school management doesn't have a heart to force the parents for higher tuition fees.


Along with the lockdown and the protocols from the Saudi government, the school had to be closed. 

Until the information is launched, the learning activities are conducted from home. 


When the curfew is opened, would the student be allowed to study in their school again? The answer is NO. They had to give up on the rent fee. They don't have school buildings anymore. 


To continuously provide education for the children of migrant workers, Elly inniaciate to open for a campaign movement to help and support the existence of the school. 


Your help and support will give much more meaning and existence to the school and you already participated to ensure the education for migrant workers' children. 


Children are an asset to the country. In their hands, the future of the nation will be shaped. We can help and support them to get affordable education by donating to this campaign.


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Thank you for your support, may Allah bless you for your kindness.


Kindly share this page for more support and prayers to provide a better education for Indonesian migrants workers.

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