Celebrate Eid Adha in Palestine

For decades, our brothers and sisters in one of the Holy Land (Palestine) have been living in limitations and misery. Conflict, blockade, exploitations, and an unproductive economy left them living below the poverty line and many are food insecure. 


Especially in Gaza, lives have been gray for a long time.



It is even more saddening to know that even on Eid al-Fitr 1442 H, our fellow brothers and sisters did not get the chance to celebrate due to the aggressions and bombardments. And now though it has been more than a month since the ceasefire, news of injustice and violence are still frequently heard. 


Don't let our brothers and sisters stay in grieve on the coming Eid al-Adha! 



Moreover, ACT-Global Qurban aims to assist you in seeking multiple blessings. Insha Allah, Your sacrifice will be given to the most needy Mustahiq, such as our brothers and sisters in Gaza who are oppressed and food insecure, while struggling in the way of Allah. 


Donate your best sacrifices in the name of Allah at the Holy Land, by: 


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