Let's Build a School on Mules Island, Indonesia!

About 100 km away from Komodo Island National Park, there is an island called "Pulau Mules" which means "Beautiful Island" in the local language. This island is known for its rich nature and serenity, surrounded by beautiful white-sand beaches.

Unfortunately, located in East Nusa Tenggara, one of the provinces in Indonesia with a very low quality of education and a high level of poverty, this island has no adequate educational facilities. Based on data from the Indonesian Central Statistics Bureau, from 2010 to 2016, East Nusa Tenggara ranks 30 of 34 provinces in Indonesia.

With the area of ​​17.81 km2, the island is inhabited by 320 families or around 1,365 residents. With this many inhabitants, there are only one elementary school and one junior high school.

Due to the lack of educational facilities, coupled with the spread of the settlement areas in the remote parts of the island, the locals made an initiative to build a new school that is primarily intended for the children whose homes are far from the existing schools.

The school that was built from the community's self-reliance was named Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Swasta (Private Islamic Elementary School/MIS) Al-Hikmah.

The building of the MIS Al-Hikmah is currently only made of wood, with bamboo walls, and without any windows. The zinc roof at the top serves as the main shield for children to protect themselves from the heat and aridity of the Alor Regency. The building is used by both the Elementary School that has a total of 16 students and the kindergarten that has 48 students. 

"Our school is in an alarming situation. Of course, we will be very grateful if anyone can help to build and provide appropriate facilities for our school on Mules Island." - Alfian Fadilah, one of the pioneers of MIS Al-Hikmah.

ACT Foundation invites generous people from all around the world to allot some of their wealth to build a decent school for the children of Mules Island. The estimated cost needed to build three classrooms, one of which can function as a teacher's room, is around $75000 USD.

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